Friday, October 24, 2014

We knew we were back by the lakeshore when we reached Marathon since we entered the fog for which the North Shore is well known. It was thick enough to mean that we almost missed Schreiber where we planned to stop for lunch.

Schreiber is well known to us because we were stuck here in 2012 on our Victoria to MontrĂ©al trip with our Granddaughter ( We got towed into town by Joe who dropped us off at his garage. A quick look on the hoist made it clear to him that a VW was beyond his capacity so he recommended we check it with the other garage in the morning. He recommended a local motel which (we discovered the next day) belonged to his sister-in-law. 

When the mechanic finished his inspection the next morning he climbed out to announce that the repair was "going to be very expensive! " After he gave time for my worst fears of the previous night to sink in, he added "It's going to be at least $10!" 

A hose clip had come loose - spilling oil on the hot engine. A quick retightening was enough to get us on our way.

The experience gave us time to explore the town, however, and we learned about its interesting history. It was settled as a railroad town at the convergence of two main lines. Most of the residents were Italian workers. This is clear even today by the dominance of the Catholic church and the Italian names on the stores, garages, and parks. They maintain a lovely little museum in the town - celebrating their history and passing on the local stories.

Today, our stay was much shorter as we made our lunch in the van - parked in the fog by the little church on main street.

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