Monday, October 27, 2014

Lunch at Stella's

We had a lovely lunch at Stella's Cafe. It was Sunday noon, so the place was very crowded - requiring us to wait in line, but there was a great variety of food with a nice emphasis on local products. Our conversation began in the lineup so by the time that Matt arrived we had a good catchup with Zoe and even covered some of the business of the Rural Policy Learning Commons (

It was wonderful to catch up with both of them. They seemed to be enjoying the people and activities in Winnipeg and finding engaging challenges of both a professional and personal nature. Since Fran spent some of her youth in Winnipeg (her father was a United Church Minister here - there was plenty of opportunity to compare notes on the city as well.

After saying goodbye we considered a visit to the new Museum of Human Rights, but were pressed for our next appointment - in Brandon.

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  1. Winnipeg agrees with Matt, he looks great. Good trip so far and some good food by the looks of it.