Friday, October 31, 2014

On the road again!

Hooray! We're back on the road.

It's a sunny but windy day. Instead of gusts from around the rocks and lakes like in Northern Ontario, however, these are gusts from the horizon - across grasslands unbroken except for power lines and the occasional grove of trees surrounding a farmhouse or barn. It feels great to be underway and full to be traversing this expansive terrain.

Most of the fields are just stubble from the recent harvest, but the occasional stands of prairie grass are rippling from the wind. We passed a small herd of antelope off to our right and watch the flocks of geese cross our path on their southern journey. We feel a certain kinship with them on our own trek.

Dwayne and his brother at BOJO Moters gave us excellent treatment in the face of our dilemma. He not only diagnosed the issue with the coil but followed up the subsequent problem in a competent and effective fashion. It turned out that the fuel injectors were creating problems - with at least one of them flooding the engine with gas. Now that they are cleaned and calibrated They seem to be purring along nicely.

Waiting for the repair - and related updates - we basically hibernated in our motel. We had an opportunity to try out all the restaurants within walking distance, however. We got reasonably competent crossing 8 lanes of traffic and 3 highway ditches in the process since some of the destinations were across the 2 highway thoroughfares and their associated service roads.


  1. Good to see you are on the road again after the Westfalia failure. Are you missing 'home' yet?

  2. We haven't had time to think about it!