Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bucking the wind to Kenora

The weather challenge for the day was the wind. The 50 kph gusts play havoc with the VW. The non-aerodynamic shape acts like a sail - requiring both hands on the wheel and full attention to the road. We each welcomed the ring of the timer when our hour at the wheel came to an end.

Once out of the Thunder Bay region we were back in the land of telephone poles with skirts. The bogland is so wet, the topsoil so thin, and the Shield rock so close to the surface that digging holes for poles is out of the question. As a result, they must be braced with extra supports along the way.

Once out of the bogs, the road rises over the hills and through channels cut through solid rock. Gradually, the bogs and rocks are outnumbered by lakes and the wildness of the terrain appears gradually tamed by the roadsigns, resorts, and commercial establishments of the region. By the time we entered the outskirts of Kenora we were quite clearly in recreation territory. Our motel was a welcome respite from the stress of the windy road.

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