Thursday, October 23, 2014

Big decision today: Do we head north on Highway 11 to New Liskeard and on to Thunder Bay or do we take highway 17 through Wawa? Since Fran's cousin lives in New Liskeard we made that the deciding factor: if she was home we would go the northern route. A couple of phone calls sent us to her voice box so we headed in the direction of Sturgeon Falls and highway 17. Sorry Susan.
It's a beautiful day for a road trip. Once we scraped the morning frost from our windshield and headed out past the beautiful hospital on the outskirts of town (the inspiration for "Hard Rock Medical" on APTN? ) we were back in the midst of northern woodlands in the final days of autumn.
There are still many small farms scattered through the flatlands that emerge among the hills so one gets flashes of eastern Manitoba every once in a while - but that may just be wishful thinking as I anticipate the hours of bog and black spruce ahead.
Here's a shot of what the long road looks like.

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