Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24
Woke up to foggy weather in Wawa. After packup we stopped in at Canadian Tire to pick up an ice scraper in response to our experience yesterday.  We then headed to Tim Hortons to join the trades people,  4x4 enthusiasts,  canoeists,  and seniors for their breakfasts and coffees. The parking lot and drive-through tell the story of the clientele. 

The section of the highway from Wawa to Marathon takes us away from the Lake Superior shore and into the heart of Shield country. I used to think of it as uninteresting but have changed my mind as I began to pay more attention to its riches and history. This is a region that was once mountainous but has been scoured by the weight and motion of huge sheets of ice. The rocks are left smooth, the lakes are shallow, and the bogs are rich with hardy vegetation. It is impressive to see the evidence of animals that have made it home - especially the dams and stick houses of the beaver.

Even the birch trees have lost their leaves on this stretch of road although the tamaracks remain as a contrast to the predominant green of the spruce. We are also enjoying the emergence of mauve as a winter colours - a contribution of the clumps of leaf-less brush that serve as a skirt to the trees. 

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