Saturday, November 1, 2014

Golden and beyond

Golden is a lovely little city nestled in the 25 km-wide fold of the Rocky Mountain Trench. The trench divides the Rocky Mountains on the east from the Columbia Mountains on the west and in the process creates a valley with spectacular mountain peaks on both sides and aqua-blue river winding its way way from one end to the other.

We pulled up to Jita's Cafe for our lunch meeting with Jane - a family friend who lives in Golden. The menu and innovative style of the cafe fit well with the stories she told about the townspeople: supportive, inventive, and environmentally concerned. I can understand how the environment itself attracts those who love the outdoors.

After our lunch and chat we made our way up the valley, following the river to the point where the road crosses the trench and begins the long climb up to Roger's Pass - one of the most interesting of the three major passes across the Rockies and related chains that line the Alberta-BC border. The sun followed us up the pass.
...and down the other side.

After a lovely drive through the Eagle Valley, we settled in to a motel at Sicamous - in time for a walk in the fall colours of the valley.

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